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Contingency Search
with Retained Results

We are different. Because we are better.

We are engaged on an exclusive contingency model and DO NOT STOP working until the job is filled. Some clients choose to retain us with an engagement fee. Once engaged, our commitment is approached with rigor and tenacity. Many of our clients are portfolio companies owned by middle market private equity firms.

There are many statistics we could list but one of the most critical speaks directly to finding the right fit for the candidate AND the employer:

After 4 years, 80% of our placements are STILL with the company we placed them with.

Having been in the executive recruitment industry since 1989 we have completed hundreds of searches from engineering to operations, sales, marketing, finance and everywhere in between. Finding the right fit is more art than science and generally we look for great “athletes”. Smart, focused and driven people that can learn. For the last 7+ years our focus has been executive recruitment for small to midsize companies (manufacturing, service, software, distribution, insurance…etc) that are PRIVATE EQUITY owned. Our private equity clients focus on the middle market and our job is to find them HUMAN CAPITAL that will add value when the time for a transaction occurs.

Typical Searches include CEO, CFO, COO, VP Sales/Marketing, VP Operation

Simply put, Chris is one of the best recruiters you will ever work with. Chris and I have been working together for nearly a decade and he has never sent me a single candidate who didn't deserve serious consideration. Chris takes the time to understand exactly what I need, and seems to have an uncanny ability to find talent.

Chris is always available, and provides advice even when it has no immediate ability to create value for his organization.

Chris and I met because he placed me in a great role. I can say that using his services as a candidate are equally appealing. I trust and respect Chris, and receive tremendous value from my time spent with him. That is why we will continue to do business together until Chris decides to take up fishing full time.

Jay Hoarell
Finance and General Management Executive

International Partner
Offices in:

Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom

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"Chris Ederer placed me a few years ago. He is passionate and works with integrity. I now use his skills to recruit for my company. What better recommendation can I give? He's a good man even though he's a Green Bay Packer fan!"

Howard Heckes
CEO, Masonite International